Scooters in Elevators

There has been a bit of controversy in the city of Withernsea recently because of the recent claim that disabled operators of mobility scooters are not able to travel freely beyond the first floor of public community buildings.

There was a law that passed that  banned mobility scooters from using elevators due to their size and weight. Most elevator manufacturers do not design elevators to handle the capacity of mobility scooters and still allow for other passengers to fit in safely. Most elevators are designed only to carry passengers who are disabled access using wheelchairs.

It is been brought to the attention of the writing staff here at the Herald that one of the local residents was not permitted to enter one of the community centers because the mobility scooter that she rode exceeded the weight maximum of most elevators.

While it is unfair and unfortunate that the caller was denied access to the upper levels of the building, it is also a matter of safety for that person and the general public. The person who gives the report has requested that we do not share her name, and keep her identity anonymous. However, she stated that she suffers from MS and is unable to operate a normal functioning wheel chair because of the conditions of her illness have left her paralyzed and she has the inability to move her upper ligaments with enough strength to operate anything other than a mobility scooter.

This is unfortunate because disabled people should have the same rights to access any facility. This is especially true about providing fair access to all in a public place, or government office to all individuals, whether they are disabled or not. Because certain citizens are able to use parts of their bodies that allows them to operate a wheelchair it’s not fair that other people cannot have the same free access to other the same locations.

No disabled person should be excluded or denied entry anywhere where the rest of us without handicap or mobility issues can travel. There is really nothing that can be done because most buildings in the city have already made modifications to their elevators and have installed wheelchair access ramps so that disabled individuals can still have get in, out and around in local community centers.

All of the public buildings in the city have been built or renovated to meet current regulations as recommended by disabled rights groups. However this does not allow those users to access other floors in the building. If someone needs to conduct business on the third floor they will be denied access because they do not meet the weight requirement to be on an elevator without endangering other elevator riders.

The position that the town community center is holding, is that most individuals who need mobility scooters have some kind of caretaker with them to help with transporting the individual to her destination. The clerk at the town center stated that she agrees that is disturbing to know that someone who may have needed to take care of something important was not able to because of new changes in policy that she may not have known about.

Another representative that we spoke to from the office said that there should have been and able bodied escort or professional caretaker to help her get to where she needed to go. “For future reference, she should consider phoning the business ahead of time and making accommodations to get her taken care of straight away.” He feels that proper planning and communication with the business could have prevented this incident from occurring in the first place.

Indoor Marijuana Growing Construction Discovered and Seized

Indoor Marijuana Growing Construction Discovered and Seized

There was an advanced and ingeniously engineered marijuana growing operation that was recently seized by Humberside Police over the weekend.

It was during a random search that the officers noticed the sweet aroma of what Officer Potley called, “top notch, premium grade, private reserve level cannabis.” The officer did not state whether or not he reported the full amount that was found, or tucked away a little bit for himself, but a source close to the Herald has provided details that spot the drug cop at a pizza restaurant later that evening. We have information that leads us to believe he was purchasing what appeared to be, four extra large pizzas. It is not known if the officer had company at his home, but private investigators who tracked the cop for several days after the seizure go on record saying, “we haven’t seen anyone come in, or anyone go out.”

What has been reported as seized is approximately fifteen kilos of great ganja for the people in the town to now breathe in and breathe easy since criminals with marijuana are being stopped. It could have been less than 15 kilos, but if it was, then that is a lot of pot.

There has been a recent uptick in the discovery of these makeshift indoor marijuana factories. The police let Martin Coughee tell us that they have numerous tricks up their sleeve that is going to help them catch the crooks who are cooking up drugs and growing plants inside of the privacy of their own homes. “We don’t care if they aren’t bothering anyone, we are going to bother you. Put that weed out.”

They confirmed their suspicions by profiling individuals as they came and left the address in question. Once they had enough of an idea that there was weed in the walls, they sent in a spy. “I could smell it straight away,” Errol Brandt told us. He said that it reminded him of being at a concert with the coolest people on the planet, making the best music that he could ever imagine. “And right then and there,” he continued, “I knew I had to lock these chaps away.”

They got excited, ran around to the courts, and got a judge to issue a warrant so that they could really go inside without getting caught. Once the police had gained access to the interior of the home, they were able to take down the high watt lamps, break the halogen bulbs, remove the fans, and strip the plants from their roots and grab a some fish and chips with a pint. Some of the officers took great pride in removing the marijuana from the residence in question. Some officers acted like they didn’t like it, but we all know there is nothing rancid or putrid about the smell of cannabis.

The police still do not know who is involved, and it is unlikely that they will find out. Coughee went on to say, “this is the work of experts. I think I know who did this, but I don’t know.” He inhaled, and held his breath for a moment before exhaling, doing his best not to cough. “Based on the taste of the weed, it might be a guy that we locked up years ago and deported.”

Make no mistake citizens, this is a serious matter. Stay away from the pot. Officer Coughee is not messing around, and told us to make sure that we document the following disclaimer to all those across the world wide web. “Cannabis is dangerous, and that’s all there is to it. It is against the law to posses, share, distribute, grow, transport, consume, sell, purchase, or wear. You wouldn’t even believe some of the horror that I see happen when people smoke that plant.

It’s not all fun and games and reggae music and pretty girls with short skirts and fast cars with big stacks of cash. Remember, gangsters like the big money that comes along with weed sales, and the women and the guns come along with it. Most pothead are supporting a criminally run organization. I want a gun, but can’t have one until I catch enough of these weed traffickers and start finding the big cache of guns.”

If you think you smell the stink of the weed growing in your neighborhood, run, do not walk away from the place of suspicion and call the Humberside Police immediately.

A Warm Welcome From Your Friends At Holderness Herald

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